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Food Facility & Inspection Information

Important Information about Food Facility Inspections 

The information posted on this site about inspections and determinations of hazard ratings at food facilities is valid only as of the time the inspection was made. Certain conditions may and can change from time to time.  Updated information is posted to this site as often as possible, taking into account such factors, amongst others, as how late in the business week or prior to holidays the information is obtained. Verification of the accuracy of an inspection is made at the time of next inspection. Information regarding facilities within North and Central Island service delivery areas, is available from Jan 2005 onward.  This site does not reflect any changes made to correct the hazards identified or any new hazards that may occur subsequent to the time of the last inspection. In addition, there may be errors and omissions in the information.  If a facility exceeds the maximum acceptable level of risk considered for continued operation or if the operator fails to correct or eliminate the Hazards identified, the Environmental Health Officer has the discretion to order the facility closed.

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