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Beach advisories are recommended by Island Health when there is indication that the water may be unsafe for recreational water activities such as swimming. This could be based on elevated bacterial levels in the water or other potential contaminants that increases the risk of illness to the public.

Island Health works with local government and agencies to ensure a warning sign is posted to advise the public when the water may be unsafe. Public beaches are not technically 'closed' to public access while an advisory is in place.

Beach advisories may be considered when:

  • the geometric mean (minimum of 5 samples) exceeds 200 E.coli or 35 Enterococci per 100 ml sample
  • a single sample exceeds 400 E.coli or 70 Enterococci per 100 ml sample
  • a visible blue green algae bloom is present
  • other possible health hazard are identified

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