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Establishment Scoring

Retail Food Establishments receive an inspectional score based on their food safety risk. The lower the score the better, so a perfect inspection would result in 0 points. Enforcement actions are also based on the score they receive. Establishments that score between 0-49 points receive a Pass. A score between 50-109 results in a Re-inspection Required. These establishments receive an additional inspection within 10 days. Establishments that score 110+ result in a Closure. These establishments pose a serious food safety risk and are closed until food safety practices are restored.

Inspection types

Regular Inspection - Routine, unannounced, nonscheduled inspections. Facilities are inspected between 1-4 times per year based on complexity of operation, population served, and previous food safety performance.
Re-Inspection - Unannounced, nonscheduled inspection within 10 business days after a non-passing inspection (above 50 points).
Closure - Imminent public health hazard present requiring the facility to be closed including: no water, sewage backup, pest infestation, or long-term non-compliance to food safety rules.
Opening - Facility has corrected imminent public health hazard conditions and has been reviewed by health department to safely produce food.

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