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Food | Follow-up

May 5, 2022 | View Original Inspection PDF
Score & Grade: 96 A Grade: A
Observations & Corrective Actions

4-2B: .05(6)(n)In use wiping cloths were stored in quat sanitizer that was <150ppm in the multiple sanitizer buckets. A chemical sanitizer used in a sanitizing solution for a manual or mechanical operations must meet a specified minimum concentration (for chlorine sanitizer it must be 50-100 ppm; for quat ammonia, it must be used according to the manufacturer’s specifications). (P)
Corrective Actions: Sanitizer changed.

Additional Comments * * QUESTIONS? 770-963-5132

Cold & hot food held at required temperatures unless otherwise noted.
*Additives: flavored drink syrups.
*The most current graded inspection report shall be posted in public view, readable from one foot away.
*Facility is using time as a control for food on the far end of the cookline: bean sprouts, pork chashu (cooked), chicken chashu (cooked), spinach, kikurage (cooked mushrooms), wet shrimp tempura batter, seasoned eggs.

*Salmon, tuna, masago are served raw; parasite destruction documentation provide; consumer advisory provided on menu.

**Reduced Oxygen Packaging Without a Variance and no HACCP Plan Required - Facility is using cook-chill ROP for soups. Food is cooked, bagged, sealed, cooled in large cooling sink &
used within 48 hours

-Butane lighter/chemicals shall be stored separate from food, food storage & prep areas, clean equipment/utensils & single-use items.

-Employee drinks shall be stored separate from single-use gloves, food, sanitizer, etc.

-Reviewed hand washing/glove usage requirements.

-CFSM & PIC have decided to use time as a control for the seasoned eggs at the cookline. They will be fully cooked, cooled down to 41°F & stored in the walkin cooler. Then
they will be removed from temperature control, time stamped for 4 hours, put into the hot holding units at the cookline. Boiled sauce will be poured over the eggs in the hot holding units where they will be for service.
NOTE: there is a consumer advisory on the menus.

-Shrimp tempura wet batter has been added to the time control procedures.

-Relocate paper towels next to the dish machine so that they are not above the drain board used for holding clean dishes.

-Person in charge stated that the handwashing sink (wall mounted) on the cookline between the fryer and steamer will be replaced with a more accessible hand sink on 4 legs that will be pulled out to be level with the front of the cooking equipment.

-Person in charge stated that an outdoor storage area may be added. Facility must apply for a remodel at Gwinnett Environmental Health office before constructing for approval.

Joint inspection w/ZAJ