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Food | Routine

October 22, 2021 | View Original Inspection PDF
Score & Grade: 78 C Grade: C
Observations & Corrective Actions

2-2A: .03(2)(m)Employee working today not informed of the health policy in a verifiable manner. // Food employees and conditional employees shall be informed in a verifiable manner of their responsibility to report to the person in charge information about their health and activities as they relate to diseases that are transmissible through food. (Pf) // If this item is marked out of compliance on the next routine inspection, then the food service permit may be suspended. //
Corrective Actions: Had person in charge review health policy with employee in a verifiable manner. //

2-2D: .06(2)(o)Box of film stored on top of the handwashing sink. // A handwashing facility may not be used for purposes other than handwashing. (Pf) A handwashing sink shall be maintained so that it is accessible at all times for employee use. (Pf)
Corrective Actions: Box of film removed from the handwashing sink. //

4-2B: .05(7)(a)1Interior of the ice machine with black slime build up (top area). // Equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils shall be clean to sight and touch. (Pf)

6-1D: .04(6)(i)Cooked tapioca not documented with time when removed from temperature control. // When using Time Control (TPHC) for a maximum of 4 hours: 1) hot foods shall start at 135°F (57°C) or above and cold foods shall start at 41°F (5°C) or below; (P) 2) the food items shall be labeled with a start and discard time, not to exceed 4 hours; (Pf) 3) foods not consumed before the discard time shall be discarded; (P) 4) when combining ingredients, the start/discard time for the foods shall reflect the start/discard time of the earliest ingredient placed on time control; {P) 5) food in unmarked containers or packages, or marked to exceed a 4-hour limit shall be discarded; (P) 6) written procedures TPHC shall be created in advance and made available upon the Health Authorities request. (Pf)
Corrective Actions: Person in charge added prep time and discard time as per procedure. //

12C: .04(4)(m)Used cloth towels stored on countertops. // Cloths in-use for wiping counters and other equipment surfaces shall be stored in sanitizer of the appropriate concentration in-between uses and laundered daily. (C)
Corrective Actions: Cloth towels relocated to sanitizer solution. //

Additional Comments;; QUESTIONS? CALL 770-963-5132.

Thermometer calibration check: 32.4F, 32.1F, 31.8F (Thermapen, DeltaTRAKx2). Cold holding items assessed at 41F or less.

Additives: syrups, food coloring, extract.

A follow-up inspection will be performed during normal operating hours between today and November 1, 2021.

Correct items by date noted on report or the food service permit may be suspended.

An additional routine inspection will be performed within 1 year.