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Retail Food | Routine

February 1, 2023 | View Original Inspection PDF
Score & Grade: 82 Re-Inspection Required Grade: Re-Inspection Required
Observations & Corrective Actions

4: 2-201.13 Staff informed this department that staff is excluded when sick although was unsure about when to return. Staff shall be asymptomatic for at least 24 hours. Staff illness policy shall be in place.

5: 2-501.11 The facility does not have an adequate procedures for responding to vomit or diarrheal events. Department will provide copy of procedure to keep onsite.

6: 2-401.11 Employee drinks observed in non-designated area.,Employees eating, drinking, or smoking in non-designated areas.,Employee drink observed without a lid or straw. Observed several employee drinks without lids, stored above food surfaces, and drinking while handling food surfaces. Staff corrected on site.

15: 3-302.11 (A) (1-2) Raw animal foods are not separated from ready-to-eat foods during storage, preparation, or holding. Observed raw chicken being stored on cart in walk-in over and next to ready to foods. No direct contamination observed, staff corrected. Observed raw salmon being stored over ready to eat rolls, no direct contamination observed, staff corrected. Raw proteins shall be stored below and separate from ready to eat.

16: 4-501.114 Staff informed this department various items such as knives are being rinsed, but not wash, rinse sanitized. All equipment shall be wash, rinse, and sanitized or ran thru dishwasher. Also observed quat sanitizer below the required 150-400ppm. Staff shall correct. Staff informed that unsure how frequently cereal dispensers or milk dispensers are cleaned, cereal dispenser shall be wash, rinse, sanitized weekly and milk dispenser daily.

23: 3-501.17 Refrigerated, ready-to-eat, time/temperature control for safety food is not properly date marked when held for more than 24 hours. Observed date marked required foods such as gravies, cut tomatoes, etc. without a date mark. Staff corrected on site.

33: 3-501.15 (A) Time/temperature control for safety foods are not rapidly cooled using an approved method and there is not a time and temperature violation. Observed sausages from breakfast being held in walk-in wrapped in plastic held at 77 degrees F. Utilize rapid cooling methods prior to covering.

35: 3-501.13 Time/temperature control for safety foods are not thawed utilizing an approved method. Observed frozen soup thawing on the counter. All thawing shall occur under refrigeration or cool running water.

43: 3-304.12 Dispensing utensils are improperly stored; (i.e. without the handle above the top of the food, not on a clean surface, not in running water, or not in water of at least 135 degrees F. Observed ice scoop handle being stored in contact with ice, handle shall be stored out of ice.

48: 4-204.115 Thermometers are not provided for manual warewashing and/or hot water mechanical warewashing. Staff was unable to provide way to test dish washer machine. Staff was unable to provide sanitizer test strips for quat, shall obtain.

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